Zebracorns are alleged zebra-like creatures sighted in Africa. They have been referenced in tribal culture for

hundreds of years, so they are not new. They are said to look like a zebra, but, of course, have a unicorn like horn. Legends state that they can manipulate their stripes and create hypnotizing displays. Supposedly, the moving stripes are SO pretty, you go into a trance and walk towards them , quote, "Like a Zombie." They are not directly dangerous, but since they often swim in lakes, they can lead people into the lakes. Zebracorns also will attack lions on sight, which makes sense since some call them the "Defenders of the Savanah." Due to that, they may lead people into lions dens.

Sightings Edit

  • They have been seen since tribes first settled the Savanah.
    A artistic rendering.
  • One of the newer sightings goes like this- In 1994, a safari tour was in the middle of the Savanah driving in their jeep when the guide spotted a zebra head-butting a group of lions. He told the explorers, but he didn't turn around, he got out of they car and started to walk towards the fight. The explorers shouted at him to come back, but he kept going. Eventually, one of them got a tranquilizer gun from the trunk and shot him. When they looked at the zebra they noticed it had a horn. As it spotted them, it bolted away quickly. They said, "He walked like a zombie."

Explanations Edit

  • Zebra with a horn on it's head.
  • Hoax.
  • Genetic engineering.
  • Mutant,
  • An undiscovered species
  • Hybridization between a zebra and a unicorn, via crossbreeding.
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