A artistic impression from the 2003 sighting.

The Werepanda is a creature reported in China, and is described as "a bipedal, carnivorous panda." It is said to roam in bamboo forests like normal pandas, but will attack any animal that ventures to close too it. It is known for terrorizing, even eating tourists and travelers. It is a elusive beast, tending to be nocturnal. Some legends even say it sleeps for years before awakening. Even though it is highly unlikely, this could be why attacks increase every 4 years. They are hard to distinguish from regular pandas from afar, but can be recognized close up from its sharp teeth and bipedal stance. ( And that you're dead.)

Sightings Edit

  • The locals have sighted them for thousands of years, meaning that they have been around for awhile.
  • The most recent and most detailed sighting was in 2003, when a man went hiking in the bamboo forests with his wife and cat. He did not survive, but the cat and woman did. They say that they saw a panda walking around and batting another panda with it's paws. As they went to help the victim panda, they saw that the other was standing upright and it was killing the other panda. The woman has remained anonymous, but quotes, "It was horrific, a monster panda eating a another panda, it heard us, turned around and growled. It lunged at my husband, killing him. I Ran away carrying Bo." ( Bo was their cat.) The Chinese government tried to hide the incident, but the woman spoke up. Soon after she told the public she and her cat went missing.

Possible Explanations Edit

  • Some say it may be a crazed man in a panda suit, but is unlikely due to it's posture and size.
  • It is speculated it is a subspecies of panda, which is most accepted.
  • Some say it is a government experiment or mutation. It is denied due to pandas being endangered.