The only existing photograph
Description A humanoid vulture
First Sighting 1987
Last Sighting 2012
Country Winnemucca, Nevada, U.S.A., North America
Habitat Field
Vultureman is a bird-like cryptid that has been seen twice, both times in Winnemucca, Nevada.


The first sighting took place on October 12, 1987, when a young couple (Dave and Samantha Andrews) were driving down the long stretch of desert road that is Interstate 80. While speeding down the road, the couple noticed what looked like an abnormally large vulture-like bird circling above the ground about 50 yards to the right of the road. Thinking that an animal was injured on the ground below, the couple stopped their car and rushed over to help the animal. What they found instead was a dying 50-year-old man, who appeared to have large scratches on his back. Suddenly, the flying creature descended and landed on top of the man. The creature was described as five feet in height and resembling an anthropomorphic vulture or buzzard. It was brownish in color and had splotches of gray and yellow on the head and neck. The couple, scared out of their wits, ran back to their car. Before they sped off, Dave snapped the above photo of the creature as it ran at them in a human-like way.

The second sighting wasn't until June of 2012. A man named Winslow Connor was driving down Interstate 80 late at night when his car shut off. After getting out and inspecting the car, he found it to be in perfect working order. Winslow then heard a loud animal noise and glanced over to his right, the source of the sound. He was shocked to see a large humanoid vulture flying towards him. Winslow got into his car for protection just as the beast landed on his windshield. It screamed eerily human-like screams at him through the glass and left several cracks and claw marks on the glass and hood of the car. After trying several times to start the car, Winslow finally got it to start and he hit the gas, causing the beast to tumble over the roof of the car. Looking in his rearview mirror, Winslow did not see any body lying in the road.

Possible ExplanationsEdit

  1. An undiscovered species of humanoid bird
  2. A genetic mutation or hybrid
  3. A case of mistaken identity or hysteria
  4. An Alien Project