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New York

All over the world there are sightings of strange creature in remote places, from the National parks of the US to the thick and unexplored forests of the Congo. But much less people know of the eerily credible sightings of these strange creatures in Urban areas such as New York city and London. At 11 o'clock on December 31 1999, many people feared the world would end with the Y2K virus, though none expected what actually happened. A large creaure described as an amorphous blob with tentacles slowly descended onto the city, but a few minutes before it's tentacles hit the tallest buildings there was a strange flash of light, which alerted the last few people who hadn't seen it yet and blinded some people. Witnesses claim the creature let out a horrible roar, which shook the foundations of buildings and defened some people, before slowly flying away. This is just one of many examples of urban monsters, but is one of the most credible. Another very different example is in a small village Belfast Ireland when an 8 foot tall humanoid 'neanderthal' covered in hair walked into someone's house and stepped on their hoover. It went into the garden, where the owner of the house, who requested to remain anonymous, was watering their flowers. The witness described it as having broad shoulders, not as broad as they're normally depicted, but still broad, with three inch long hair, a large, high up, flat nose, and a portruding brow. They claim it screamed, beared it's teeth and leaned forward in an almost crouching position, before it jumped the six foot tall fence and ran off into their neighbours garden, then the next neighbour, and the next, until it had went through ten gardens, before it ran off into a field. Eight of the neighbours reported the same creature. From January 5th to Februrary 23rd, there were daily reports and videos of a twenty foot long feathered theropod dinosaur. Witnesses claimed it just ran through London, and while videos once existed, every site which showed them has been shut down and every downloaded file with them has been corrupted.