Twister Worm
Description A bizarre worm-like creature in the sky
First Sighting May 3rd, 1999
Last Sighting May 3rd, 1999
Country Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Habitat Supposedly, tornadoes
The Twister Worm is a phantasmagorical cryptid that was sighted only once inside a tornado.


Danny Romero was one of the local residents when the May 3rd tornado hit Oklahoma City in 1999. Every time a tornado hits, he went storm-chasing. This particular storm, however, being the fastest speeds ever recorded on planet Earth, he didn't. Instead he waited the tornado out on his porch to get it on tape. When the tornado did come, he popped out his camcorder and began recording. That's when a single flash of lightning struck near the tornado that revealed the shape of some creature for half a second. "All I could make out, at the moment, was that it was very long, like a worm or a snake." After the next lightning bolt struck, the creature began to "swim through the air" out of the tornado and back in. "That's when I saw the creature completely. It was transparent, you could see all of its insides. It might've had multiple eyes, it was hard to tell, but it had big jaws with strange knobs on the side. It also looked like little 'maggots' or whatever were swimming around with it. I'd say the thing was at least 150 feet long! I've never gone storm-chasing again after I saw that thing!" After the tornado swerved and narrowly missed his home, the creature disappeared back into the twister. 

Possible ExplanationsEdit

  1. A large chunk of floating debris could have been mistaken for a strange creature.
  2. Some kind of Atmospheric Beast has been proposed.
  3. An extraterrestrial has been claimed to have been the culprit, but this was probably not the case here.