A drawing of one from the 1997 sighting.

Omega Squids are a gigantic squid belived to be the inspiration for the Kraken. It is a primitive yet advanced mullosk related to the Alpha Squid, their only predator. Omega Squids are large, hyperintellegent ,and travel in large herds. Their ink has tar-like properties, including the ability to dry. While there is little information about them, we do know that they are related to normal colassal squids and have a similar apperance. The two main differences are the Omega Squids have leathery, grey skin instead of slimy and pink. The next and more obvious is that Omega Squids Have three spines on there back which serve as protection against Alpha Squids. A smaller diffrence though, is they have beaks with four parts, and a set of tentacles around it which help it hold onto it's victims such as seals or dolphins, possibly divers too.


  • According to the Kraken theory, they have been wittnessed for ages.
  • The first "modern" sighting was in 1915, when a group of japaneese whalers were stopped by a herd of these apex predetors, the entire crew was lost. The sightin was recorded by a deep sea fisher.
  • The last sighting was in 1997 when a group of scientists studying the massive amounts of tar in the area, from the squids, were attacked by a herd of them. They all survived due to an Alpha Squid hunting the herd, which went strait back into the ocean. One of the crew members died soon afterwards due to an infection from getting some tar into a cut.​