Alpha Squids are the apex sea predators, able to eat anything they choose too. They are close relatives to Omega Squids, while also being their only predator. The Alpha Squids also eat almost ONLY omega Squids, meaning if you see Omega Squids, you'll probably see a Alpha Squid. They can breath in water and on land, allowing them to demolish towns and forests in their paths. They are not very smart, but make up for it with brute strength. They can also live in temperatures -0 *f. Unlike Omega Squids, they have no form of ink, but have a electric shock similar too electric eels.


A movie rendering of the Alpha Squid.


  • If they are the Kraken, they have been seen for centuries.
  • They were seen in 1923 attacking a fishing boat that had caught some Omega Squids.
  • They were seen in 1997 as "heroes" due to them eating a herd of omega squids attacking a group of scientists.

Possible Explanations Edit

  • They are possibly the fabled Kraken.
  • They may be a mutation from ocean pollution.
  • They may be the adult form of Omega Squids.