Description Edit

Subterranean hominoids, or Sewer apes as they are more commonly known, are eight foot tall, human like hairy creatures that live in the sewers under busy UK cities, mainly London. It is said to look almost human, but with a broader face and almost slit-like nostrils like a chimp. It's eyes glow red if you shine a light at it. British Bigfoot researchers tend to focus on more traditional UK hominoids like the Woodwose and Fear Liath Moor, however, one researcher, Glen Conway, went with his cousin, Johnathon Conway, to the sewers under London after a recent spike in sightings. They captured the famous footage in the infobox.

Sightings Edit

The first sighting of a Sewer ape was from 1888 when an anonymous man claimed he saw a 'monkey man's' head sticking out of his toilet. He called the police, but whe they got there, the eight foot tall creature's entire upper body was out. The police arrested and released the creature in the space of a couple days. Sightings started again in 1896, when a young couple were exploring the sewers togethor when they saw an eight foot tall, dark skinned, red haired ape-like creature matching the 'monkey man' description from 1888. This was how the term 'Sewer ape' was coined. Sightings continued with no end in sight until 1916, when an English hunter claimed he'd captured one of them alive, bringing it to Northern Ireland, where he let it loose in a street to kill Irish locals. After this, sightings described short, hunched backed, mostly hairless creatures that snorted like pigs. Sightings ended after this, being replaced by a spike of Irish Bigfoot sightings, until they spiked again in 2010, when Glen and Johnathon Conway filmed the only existing footage of a Sewer ape. Sightings continued almost weekly, until they abruptly ended with the last sighting on December fourteenth 2017.