Sonoda's Aquatic Theropod
Description Aquatic Theropod (Related either to the Allosaurus or the Neovenator)
First Sighting 9/Dec/2014
Last Sighting 13/Oct/15
Country Shizouka, Japan
Habitat Sea
The Sonoda's Aquatic Theropod is a Cryptid seen near Shizouka, Its last sighting was the 13 of October of the 2015.

Description Edit

It has been described as 6 Meters / 19 Feet in Length and 2 Meters / 6.6 Feets tall (at the Hip), Blue and White in color, shark-like tail, "Gills", webbed hands and feet, "Spikes" (Like an Iguana) And supposed to be a Carnivore. As its name says, the Sonoda's Aquatic Theropod is aquatic but sightings have reported it to walk normally on land. No sounds of the Sonoda's Aquatic Theropod have been Recorded.

Sighting Edit

The first sighting (reported by a 16 year old girl who was only referred by her last name: "Sonoda") was the 9th of December in 2014. This is her story:  

"It was around 5 pm when I saw something in the sea, it looked like a shark, but it wasn't one. I stood there like 5 minutes and I saw how it got its head above the water to breathe. I was pretty surprised, but scared at the same time, I was going to take a photo but it was too late. I drew a picture of it on my Ipad, however." 

There is a sighting on a fishing boat that one member of the crew saw the Sonoda's Aquatic Theropod. But he wasn't believed by the crew and the captain. 

Another sighting of the creature was on the 5th of January in 2015, recorded from a security camera but it was confiscated and later analysed by scientist and paleontologists.

The last sighting was around the same place of the first sighting (and by the same girl), but she said that the Aquatic Theropod stared at her for a long period of time (7 Minutes, she said) and then she just walked away. She said that the Aquatic Theropod was "looking at me as if it want follow me.".

Possible Explanations Edit

1- A relict aquatic dinosaur (Possibly related to the Allosaurus or the Neovenator). 

2-  A hybrid escaped from a island?.