Steamed hams but skinner actually shows chalmers the aurora borealis

Seymour's Aurora Borealis is an odd cryptid, though most cryptozoologists agree it is real. A man who wishes to be referred to only as 'Superintendent Chalmers' was going to Principle Seymour Skinner's house for what Seymour described as "an unforgettable luncheon". When Chalmers arrived, despite Seymour's directions, he sat down, until he smelt smoke and heard Seymour screaming along with the window moving. He burst into the kitchen, expecting to see that it was on fire, but instead, Seymour was just stretching his calves on the windowsill, he called it "isometric exercise" and even asked Chalmers to join him while the clams were steaming. Sceptics will argue that Seymour was just a rotting basking shark corpse, and that the steam from the oven was just a barn owl, but believers of Chalmers' story will argue that if Seymour was indeed a basking shark, he would be too busy playing basket ball with the rapping aliens and barn owls to unforget the luncheon. When Seymour finished stretching his calves, he brought the hamburgers he was cooking into the luncheon room. Confused, Chalmers asked if they were having steamed clams. Seymour replied that they were having steamed hams and that that was what he called hamburgers. Being a sceptic at the time, Chalmers assumed the steamed hams, which he later described as tasting "delightfully devilish", were merely basking sharks. After questioning Seymour about why the steamed hams were grilled, Seymour couldn't explain himself went into the kitchen with the superintendent's permission. When he came out, he claimed he'd seen Aurora Borealis. Shocked, Chalmers gasped and questioned him. When Chalmers asked to see it, Seymour calmly denied him the view of it. After leaving the house, Chalmers has been a well respected cryptozoologist, who specialises in Aurora Borealis and basking owl sightings. Seymour's mother however, thought the Aurora Borealis was fire until Skinner corrected her by saying it were actually the Northern Lights.

Basking owl

Possible explanations Edit

I claim the fire in my kitchen is just the Aurora Borealis

1: Aurora Borealis.

2: Fire, though this is highly unlikely.

3: Steam from the steamed clams they had. Mmmm, steamed clams!