Sea Cheetah
Sea cheetah
Photo of the creature
Spratly Islands
Map of the Spratly Islands
Description Cheetah-like shark
First Sighting Spratly Islands, 2009
Last Sighting Spratly Islands, 2009
Country Disputed Territory
Habitat Ocean's depths

The Sea Cheetah is a strange creature that lives in the depths of the ocean. It has been rarely sighted in the South China Sea by a camera attached to Vietnamese fishing trawlers nets.

The Sighting Edit

In 2009,Vietnamese trawlers of Mhai Lei Corporation cast their nets off of the Spratly Islands when their net cameras caught sight of this mysterious creature. The beast was only caught on film for five seconds before it jolted away at over 130 knots; breaking the dolphins record of 50 knots, thus making it the fastest aquatic animal known.

Scientists are still trying to identify and classify this unknown creature; dubbed "the Sea Cheetah."

Possible explanation Edit

  • A giant form of Wobbegong shark (Family Orectolobidae). The Spotted wobbegong (Orectolobus maculatus) inhabits Australasian waters and grows to 10 feet 6 inches. It feeds on the bottom but attacks waders and fishers in tidal pools.
  • A mutated sea lion that lives on the oceans depths.
  • An undiscovered Fish specie.