Contrary to popular belief, Santa is not simply a fictional character. For thousands of years, people have claimed to see a man in a red suit and hat, with a long white beard and big black boots breaking into their house and leaving taxidermy animals, and sometimes humans. Contrary to the myths sorrounding Santa, he does not only come at Christmas, and does not leave toys. Cave paintings and prehistoric rock carvings depict a fat, bearded man in a red suit and hat, normally bringing what they believe to be frozen animals and humans. In modern times, on only dark nights with rain or snow, Santa will break into houses and leave taxidermy animals and humans. The most famous report comes from Jonathon Willberg from Alaska, who was a Smithsonian scientist at the time, but is now a paranormal investigator who specialises in Santa sightings. Willberg was asleep one night, a week before Christmas, when he heard strange noises coming from down stairs. Thinking it was his imagination, he fell asleep, until he heard an unnaturally deep voice laughing from downstairs, alongside ringing bells and high pitched laughing. He tensed up and went down stairs slowly, taking his gun with him. Downstairs, he saw his living room door was closed, despite him leaving it open. The laughter had stopped, but he heard someone moving around. Suddenly, he burst through the door with his gun ready, only to see an eight foot tall man dressed like Santa alongside at least twenty three foot tall men wearing green clothing with pointy cone shaped hats and curved shoes. He shot at Santa, only for him to let out a reptillian scream before him and the elves faded into fin air, leaving nothing but taxidermy animals and some taxidermy humans in positions that looked like they died screaming in their wake. The police identified most of the taxidermy humans as being relatives of people who also claimed to have encountered Santa, but the millitary swiftly arrived without being informed of the incident by anyone and took the taxidermy. In January of 2018, twenty years later, Willberg claimed he found proof of Santa in the form of clear photographs, hair samples, and an elf corpse, however, Willberg and his evidence disapeared shortly after his announcement, only for the police to identify his body in Australia five months later, where they found taxidermy of him screaming after a Santa sighting.