Saharan Monkey Bird
Bird monster
Description Humanoid bird
First Sighting Local myth
Last Sighting 2013
Country Egypt
Habitat Desert

A pest of farms, the Saharan Monkey Bird is located throughout Egypt and Libya. It acts like a raccoon, eating whatever it can get its talons on.


The Saharan Monkey bird is described as 5-6 feet tall, with a humanoid torso and long, man-like legs. The feet are huge, ripping talons. The tail is long, like a monkey's, but ends in a collection of feathers that act like a rudder. The Monkey Bird has large wings, and its feathers are grey. The head is its most unusual feature: it has a muzzle, with sharp teeth.


The Saharan Monkey Bird was typically regarded as local legend until the summer of 1952, when both West Egypt and East Libya were plagued with reports of these monstrosities. The Monkey Bird was first seen when a 4-year-old girl was playing outside her house near the Egypt-Sudan border. She heard a strange, screeching noise from up above. She looked up, and saw a Monkey Bird swooping down at her, talons at the ready. The girl screamed, and through her ball at it. It hit the Monkey Bird in the head, and it crumpled to the ground. It immediately got up, however, and lunged at the girl once more. She ran inside and locked the door. Over the next 5 minutes, the screeching continued, and the door shook as the creature apparently slammed its weight against it. The noise soon stopped, and the creature flew away.

Reports like the little girl's, of Monkey Birds attempting to abduct food, pets, or children, continued until 1995, when reports died down. Another sighting wasn't reported until 2013. This time, 3 of the creatures were seen by Charles Wilson, an American man on vacation in Libya. He was eating a sandwich while driving in an open-topped Jeep. Wilson set the sandwich down beside him, and continued driving. When he looked over to pick up the sandwich again, he found he was looking into the eyes of a monster. The Monkey Bird stood in the passenger seat, holding the sandwich in one talon. Wilson screamed, and the car swerved off the side of road. The Monkey Bird flew away, and the car crashed. While lying wounded on the side of the road, Wilson saw what looked like 3 vultures. In fact, they were 3 Monkey Birds. One swooped down to try to eat Wilson, but Wilson jumped up and ran away, despite his bleeding side.

Possible Explanations Edit

  1. The Monkey Bird could be some form of humanoid bird, but the head is unlike that of any bird.
  2. Less plausibly, the Monkey Bird could be a flying primate.