Description Giant snake
First Sighting 1892
Last Sighting 2011
Country U.S.A.
Habitat Desert

A truly monstrous beast, the Rattler is a creature of Arizona legends.


Found in Arizona, the Rattler is a dusty red snake that is described as 15-20 feet long, with a rattle like a Diamondback. Due to size, the Rattler isn't venomous like its ancestors, and is a constrictor. It has been blamed for many cattle mutilations (although it is hard to tell they are cattle, the corpses are crushed and eaten almost to the point where they are unrecognizable).


The Rattler was first seen by cowboys in the late 19th century, then by farmers as time went on. Native American legends from the area mention a "red serpent" that may be a Rattler.

One of the first modern sightings was by a man named Charles Walker, in November of 1990. Walker had recently bought a large expanse of land out in the desert, and was exploring his new property. While exploring, he came across a strange, unidentifiable corpse. He also noticed a strange trail leading towards and away from the corpse. It was like a snake's track, only much, much larger.

It was getting dark, and Walker was getting scared. He turned around and leaped back into his Jeep, and began to pull away. As he was reversing, however, Walker hit something. Walker turned around, and through the wreckage saw what looked like a snake, but was way too big. Walker kicked open his car door (for the crash had forced it shut), and ran. Right before he left, however, he saw the snake's large, red eyes.

The next day, Walker returned to the location, finding the corpse, more weird tracks, and his crashed car. As he was checking to see if the engine would turn over, he heard what sounded like "a thousand rattlesnakes rattling at once".