Description A large tiger,goat hybrid
First Sighting 1989
Last Sighting 1997
Country Indonesia
Habitat rainforests
The ponogAna is a mysterious creature, half-goat half-tiger. It is said that it also has black hair. It's some times also called popogAma

Sightings Edit

3rd of december, 1989 Edit

When a mom and her 2 kids (both 3 years old), where walking down a road in a park in Indonesia, one of the kids started crying and said that he saw a big cat with a goat head. The mom didn't believe him and continued walking. When they got out of the park and looked for their car that they parked next to the park, they saw scratch marks on the car.

1996 Edit

A dead body was found near the park where the mom and the 2 kids where in.

November 2, 1997 Edit

A man was walking down the street, 2km away from the park, when he stopped because of horror. He said that he saw a lion,with goat horns,human fingers and bat wings. So he started to run.

The black tiger festival Edit

In the park, each year, on December 3rd, is the black tiger festival. Where they give ponogAma toys, t-shirts, and more. It was discontinued on 3rd of December 2015.