Feathered dog

The Peacock Dog is a featherd dog, usually in the colours of a peacock. They are normally described as being tall and thin with long legs. They were first sighted in 2012 when actor Matt Smith claimed that when he was filming Doctor Who in Idiot Creek, Oregon, USA. He says that a blue, yellow, and green feathered dog witth wings attacked the 'TARDIS' prop they were using, in which he hid in for the entirety of the encounter. He claimed it barked at him with a Scottish accent. When he reported it, the millitary used the TARDIS prop to capture the creature and took it to Area 51 where it was never seen again. Until 2017 when Glen Armstrong, a dogsitter from Kill Me Dead Creek, Australia was out in the garden playing with Max, Paws and Fluffy, the dogs she was sitting, when a pale man in a black suit and sun glasses asked her to take care of his florescent feathered dog. She kept the dog until her corpse was found mauled with some feathers left around the scene. DNA tests showed the feathers had traits of both a grey hound and a Pheasant. Her diary revealed most of the details about the encounter, including her description of the man, dog and attack, where the diary says she wrote the last few pages as a ghost.

Kill Me Dead Creek

To the right is the last known picture of Glen Armstrong, fifty years before she died. She was very camera shy.