Description Giant chameleon
First Sighting 1852
Last Sighting 2003
Country Democratic Republic of the Congo
Habitat Rainforest
Megachameleon by negoxe357-d2y9sk8

The Megachameleon is a giant cryptid that has been spotted a few times in the Congolese rainforest.


A gigantic green chameleon that reaches lengths of (rather dubiously) 105 feet long. It has conical eyes and a long tongue just like normal chameleons but has extravagant facial ornaments. It is also said to be able to change its color as a sort of camouflage as well.


The first sighting took place in 1852, when a nomadic man heard the locals whispering about a "giant horned lizard that could turn invisible". He put together a search party to find the reptile, and, allegedly, after 2 days of searching, they saw the "great green beast amongst the foliage looking 'bout with its conical eyes". They attempted to kill it by shooting it with a musket, but the creature supposedly had hide "tougher than steel" and the bullet did not harm the creature. The animal "turned about and engulfed one of [his] men with a long prehensile tongue" and then stomped away. They estimated the beast was between 72 to 105 feet long.

The next sighting took place exactly 100 years later when popular explorer Johannes Gustave was hunting gorillas in the Congolese rainforest and saw an immense beast move about in a tree 53 feet off the ground. He later said "The tree was bending from the immense weight of the creature. It then snapped up a bird using its tongue and crawled off out of sight. I'd say it was definitely a chameleon, just 17 feet long!". 16 years later the creature was sighted again, practically in the same manner as the former, except their size estimate was around 10 feet long.

The last sighting was in 2003, when a group of locals were walking about in the forest, when they saw a giant "lizard" looking at them with strange shaped eyes. They managed to pull out a digital camera and record around 5 seconds of shaky footage before the creature allegedly vanished into thin air! All of these sightings report the same thing: massive horns growing out of its crested head and chin.

Possible ExplanationsEdit

  1. Not many explanations have been proposed other than a new species of giant chameleon really does live in the Congolese rainforest.
  2. A Nile Monitor has said to have been the culprit, but not only does this reptile not reach these immense lengths, but it has no facial ornaments of any kind and does not lead an arboreal lifestyle.
  3. A living fossil, that has survived for ages. ( like the Megalodon except the megalodon did not survived.)