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The Mechanical Batman of Central park is a strange creature that has been seen exclusively in Central park, New York city, though similiar flying humanoids have been seen in other places, none are quite the same as the Mechanical Batman. The first sighting was in 1858 when Robin Waine claims a man in a tight dark suit with no arms, a gas mask, and mechanical bat like wings landed on his house near the park. He got a gun and shot at the creature, making it fly into the park. He followed it into the heart of the park, where he claims it landed on him and tore most of the skin off his chest with it's metal claws before flying away. It is said this encounter inspired the Wright brothers. In 2012, after sightings every few years since the original, Willbur Muishond claimed he saw the creature circling him, then, after he took a picture of it, landed, stole his phone [though he luckily got one picture with a polaroid camera beforehand] and started spraying contrails, or chemtrails, as it flew away.


Below you can see the contrails it left.