Killer Penguins are a rare, deadly type of penguin capable of eliminating an entire neighborhood in a day. They have no eyes, but use echolocation and heat sensing to detect their prey. They have a odd resemblance to Orcas, possibly because they are failed hybrids, but which is highly doubted due to cave paintings. Their jaws can open to immense widths, allowing them to swallow large prey, they also have expandable stomachs. They have heads that cannot look forward, due to lack of neck. The head is perfect tough when speeding in water, and if they jump out of the water they can glide silently towards their victims. Often the older ones have their teeth and feathers stained red. Guess why.

Sightings Edit

  • The first record of these creatures is in cave paintings, which means they once lived all over the earth.
  • On early expeditions to the south pole, these creatures have been mentioned in lost documents, later found by scientists.
  • The Latest sighting was when a aboriginal tribe from Australia got attacked by these creatures, only 4 survived. The penguins can apparently go into warmer waters instead of being stuck at the south pole.

Possible Explanations Edit

  • Odd species of dolphin has been suggested.
  • Odd species of penguin is mainly accepted.
  • Penguins infected with a deadly virus.

A juvenile.