I’ll elaborate on this later since I gotta go in a bit (aka this is a placeholder) but this is more or less an inside joke between my friends and I

-as one of the friends[DtFT] I find it my duty to fill this in at least somewhat

Description Edit

Grif has a typical human appearance, albeit with minor differences, making him harder to spot out. He usually smells of blood masked with an unknown item[possibly body spray]. He's around 5'7" with heterochromia, always grinning with slightly sharpened teeth, and has raucous laughter.

Behaviour Edit

If conversed with, he has a morbid sense of humour, often making jokes about death or just saying "we're going to die." He likes murder and murder related things. He's very apathetic, not caring much at all. If not out, he's usually hiding with its hoard.

Sightings Edit

Grif has and can be sighted in several places in Yorkshire, England.