Great One
Description Monster whale
First Sighting 1999
Last Sighting 1999
Country U.S.A.
Habitat Pacific Ocean, near Hawaii

The creature known as the "Great One" has been seen only once, but 2 of the creatures were seen.


Max "Sharky" Long was the first and only man to see the Great One, on July 5, 1999. He was having a day off from work, so took his boat out for a trip. Once he was about 3 miles from shore, Sharky noticed a large shape moving under the surface of the water. Assuming it was a whale, he put on his scuba gear and took a dive.

However, when Sharky entered the water, he realized that the creature wasn't a whale. True, it superficially resembled one, but this animal was much larger (estimated at 150 feet), with six fins, and strange, jellyfish-like tendrils with glowing tips coming out of the back of its head. Sharky was in total shock; nothing could have prepared him for this. He watched as the massive creature swam slowly South. As it started to leave his view, Sharky climbed back in the boat to follow it.

The most startling thing about the Great One: after about 20 minutes of watching the whale, Sharky saw something swim up to the surface on the Great One's other side. It was a baby.

Not long after the baby appeared, both creatures took a breath, and dove down into the murk. Sharky stayed sitting in his boat, not moving, for 10 minutes, before heading back to shore to tell people about what he saw.

Possible ExplanationsEdit

  1. If the sighting had lasted less time, and there hadn't been a second creature, it is possible Sharky could have misidentified  a normal whale
  2. The Great One, if  it is real,is most likely an unknown whale species.