Depiction of the most recent sighting
Description Monster anglerfish like creature
First Sighting 1985
Last Sighting 2011
Country Antarctica
Habitat Antarctic Ocean
 Seen twice in the bottom of the Antarctic Ocean, the Glower is an unexplainable, almost undescribable monstrosity.


The Glower is 45 feet long, with a basic body plan similar to a plesiosaurs: long neck, small head, tail. However, it only has 2 fins (unlike the basic plesiosaur 4), and they end in hand-like, webbed paddles. The Glower's most distinctive features are the row of glowing circles down each side, and the long filaments extending from its nose.


The Glower was first seen in 1985, by the 3-person crew of the submersible known as the Penguin. Specifically designed for cold-water dives, the Penguin and her crew were performing a routine "checkup" on the size of Antarctic glaciers and ice sheets. At a depth of about 3 miles, the only light was coming from the Penguin. That is, until a massive monstrosity swam into view. The crew all descibed it the same. The navigator  described it as "hideous, bad enough to give anyone nightmares". The Penguin fled to the surface, but the creature christened a "Glower" didn't appear to notice them, and it continued its path through the deep. 

The next sighting occurred over 25 years later, in August 2011. David Larsen, a remote-control submarine pilot, heard of the Penguin report, and decided to investigate. He sent his submersible to roughly the coordinates where the Glower was first seen, and unfortunately found what he was looking for. The Glower, or at least a Glower, emerged from the gloom, and proceeded to eat Larsen's submersible. The camera's signal was lost.

Possible ExplanationsEdit

  1. The Glower bares a superficial resemblance to creatures such as anglerfish and dragonfish, however, other details (length for anglerfish, fins for dragonfish) indicate neither of these is a good explanation.
  2. The Glower also resembles the prehistoric plesiosaurs. Plesiosaurs are actually one of the best explanations for this mysterious enigma.