Giant Leopard Gecko
Description Giant Leopard Gecko
First Sighting 2001
Last Sighting 2008
Country Pakistan
Habitat Desert
 The Giant Leopard Gecko is a giant creature that has been seen numerous times by soldiers in Afghanistan. In Pashto, its name is څربيده شا وركوي, which means 'fat tail' in English.


The Giant Leopard Gecko is exactly what it sounds like, an oversized variant of the usually 7 inch long creature. Most sightings say it is around 12-15 feet long, but some have reported lengths of 20 feet!


The Giant Leopard Gecko's first officially documented sighting was around December 12, 2001, two months after the wars in Afghanistan had begun. An anonymous soldier claimed he heard a strange snorting sound coming from the outside of his tent that he slept in. He got up to investigate, and peeked out of his tent, only to discover that a large bright orange lizard was feasting on small scrubby plants around his tent. The creature noticed him, let out a squeal and quickly waddled away. The man noticed that the creature had an enormous white tail with black spots on it. 

On April 25th, 2005, several soldiers reported seeing a giant "yellow-ish orange" lizard rooting around in the dirt on top of a ridge. They claimed that they saw the creature feast on several small plants for over 20 minutes before it finally went away.

A tourist began to hear the natives murmur about a giant spotted 'dragon' that destroyed crops to the west. When he asked about the creature, the natives refused to speak further about it because they claimed that its name brought bad luck upon any who say it. He ended up finding a substantial amount of sightings from locals, soldiers and tourists alike. The anonymous man ended up writing a magazine article about this creature where he claimed that he documented over 100 sightings. All of the sightings described an eerily similar creature typically feasting on plants. Other sightings described a giant fire-breathing creature that terrorized villages. The man noted that this might be an entirely different creature altogether.

Possible ExplanationsEdit

  1. The most commonly proposed theory is that this is indeed, a hitherto unknown species of leopard gecko.
  2. Other explanations involve an undiscovered relict prehistoric creature.
  3. Another explanation involves another hitherto unknown species of some sort of lizard or other reptile.
  4. One theory even stated that this is an extraterrestrial's pet that somehow got left on Earth!