The strange Furry Frog is a unique amphibian located in Alaska. It is said to have reddish-brown fur covering it's body, allowing it to keep warm. Other frogs must hibernate in the winter, but the Furry Frog has decided not to-it just

Furry Frog

A Furry Frog.**

hops around all year long.

The first sighting was unknown, but the first recorded one was in 1983, on April 13. A ice fisher was coming home one day, when he noticed a brown object on the branches of a willow tree. As he got closer, he saw it was fur. Upon closer inspection, though, he was shocked to see it was a FROG! The frog just sat there, unstartled by the man. Later, the man walked home and told his family.*

The frog is said to be about 9 inches long, from head to toe. It seems to of evolved fur similarly to the Fur Bearing trout, a furry fish.

*They thought he was Crazy, he is now in a Insane Asylum.

**NOT a Hobo Toad.