Flying Killer
Description Giant bat
First Sighting 1877
Last Sighting 2015
Country Oregon, USA
Habitat Forest

Seen in Oregon, USA, since 1901, the Flying Killer is a monstrous beast with an even more monstrous appetite.

Description Edit

The Flying Killer is described as a large, bat-like creature. It has large ears like a rabbit, and claws on its wings. The Flying Killer has a 25 foot wingspan, and is 8 feet long (not counting the 9-foot tail). Down the spine are large bumps or spikes, with larger ones on the tail.

Sightings Edit

The first "sighting" was found written in a journal discovered among a pile of bones and torn clothes. The sighting, which was the last entry in the journal, read as follows:

"Ol' John disappeared last night, alongside 7 of our cows. Richard was gone for a time, as well, but he walked into camp, silent as a mouse, around midday. He was horribly pale, and there were two large gashes on the front of his chest. He stayed quiet, until the doctor asked him what caused the gashes, at which point he started screaming. He was saying something about 'flying killers', but he had to be restrained and was hit on the head with a rock to put him to sleep".

While it is still unknown if this was a true encounter with a Flying Killer or not, this journal entry is highly publicized, and is the source of the beast's name.

No true sightings occurred until 1995, when a large, winged creature abducted a woman's dog. The beast carried the dog almost half a mile, before the woman managed to shoot it with a gun. The Killer dropped the dog and flew off into the nearby woods.

After that, reports flew in from all over the state of Oregon, with a few from southern Washington. They continue to this day.

Possible Explanations Edit

  1. Some form of surviving pterosaur
  2. A mutant/highly evolved bat
  3. A dragon of legend