Man fire golem.

Fire Golems are actually a type a creature that lives in or near volcanos or volcanic activity, and skin looking like magma or igneous rock. They have no "definite" shape, and come in many forms. Most commonly in the extremely rare sightings, they are anthromorphic, but can be like horses. They are aggressive and attack nearly anything that enters their territories. One of the only things they wont attack are stone golems, which may be a form of fire golems.

Sightings Edit

  • They have been sighted for centuries in Chile, which leads many to think it is the legendary Cherufe.
  • On modern sighting was when a explorer was making camp near a volcano in Chile. The next morning his camp had been burnt to ashes, and found horse, man, and large lizard footprints around. They were extremely hot to his touch.

Possible Explanations Edit

  • Undiscovered horse, lizard, or tribe.
  • Legends and hoaxes.

    Man fire golem.


    Horse fire golem.