Kuehneosuchus BW
Restoration of Kuehneosaurus, something like this could be this beast but its most likely not the same species.
Description Flying/gliding reptile
First Sighting 1900
Last Sighting 2015
Country Congo; possibly Cameroon and Gabon
Habitat Jungles, mainly in the canopy layer.
The Deinosarvus is a gliding lizard of Central Africa.

Sightings Edit

Deinosarvus is a cryptid sighted in African forests and jungles. It was first sighted in 1900 when an anonymous woman saw a large black animal swoop down from a tree and kill a leopard.

The next sighting was in 1914, one month before WW1 started. A large reptile was briefly seen by a local tribe who also noticed a lack of food in their food supply. They blamed it on the reptile, but the actual culprit was a group of chimpanzees. The flying reptile was later seen with something that resembled a fish in its mouth.

The Deinosarvus was thought to have been extinct until on Good Friday of 2015. The reptilian monster was seen by a group of backpackers in the Congo. Two days later a fish skull was found with a bite mark that did not match any known species.

Possible Explanations Edit

  • It is mainly believed to be a early archosaur. However, the only archosaurs confirmed to be alive are birds and Crocodilians.
  • Another theory is that it is related to the Kongamato, a pterosaur-like cryptid from the same general region
  • The Deinosarvus could also be an unknown bat or bird.