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Czechoslovakian Gong Wrangle
Old stamp czec
An old stamp depicting the creature
Map of Czechoslovakia
Description Humanoid; Nuclear Mutation
First Sighting Early 1930s
Last Sighting Unknown
Country Czechoslovakia
Habitat Town of Schniederhof

First reported in the early 1960s by a couple visiting the town of Schniederhof, in the country then known as

Czechoslovakia, the Czechoslovakian Gong Wrangler is a creature locally well-known for its ability to wrangle multiple gongs at will.

There have been over 60 reported incidents of gong wrangling, from all over Czechoslovakia, but in particular in the Plzen region.

Origin Edit

Before the legend, locals first identified the creature as AleŠ Branislav. AleŠ Branislav was only known officially as a construction worker form Schniederhof for the Czechoslovakian Bohunice Nuclear Power Plant from 1958-1959; according to official Soviet records. After that, all mentions of AleŠ Branislav dissapear from the records; almost as if he vanished. However, local legends have preserved his name as a horrific creature and victim of the scandalous practices of the nuclear era... To Be Continued

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