An artist's interpretation
Description A humanoid cornstalk
First Sighting 2013
Last Sighting 2013
Country Waverly, Kentucky, U.S.A., North America
Habitat Field
Cornsquatch is an unusual humanoid cryptid that has only been seen once.


The only recorded sighting took place on June 14th, 2013. The witness, one Bill Wolfe, was driving down the highway near Waverly, Kentucky to get to his family's annual reunion. With him were his wife and two sons. The highway was surrounded on both sides by a cornfield. As he crested a small hill, Bill and his family saw something they would never forget. A creature appeared to be crawling across the road on its stomach. The creature was described as being approximately 6-7 feet tall and resembling an anthropomorphic stalk of corn. The creature was very tall and thin, and it possessed thick hair, like the hair that normally grows on corn husks. The creature appeared to "slither" across the highway in under five seconds, quickly making it to the other side and making its way into the cornfield.

Possible ExplanationsEdit

  1. A new species of ambulatory corn
  2. A genetic mutation or hybrid
  3. The theory of it being an extraterrestrial or supernatural being has been passed around.