A supposed stuffed juvenile specimen.
Description A humanoid chicken
First Sighting 1999
Last Sighting 2010
Country Grangeville, Idaho, U.S.A., North America
Habitat Field
The Chickenman is an unusual humanoid cryptid that has only been seen twice.


The first sighting took place in 1999 in Grangeville, Idaho. Donald Krezwinsky was walking along a well known path close to a field, when he heard some unearthly sound that "sounded like a chicken being slaughtered". He turned around and saw a 8 foot tall humanoid standing in the field. "It was brownish in color, and was covered in feathers. It had a beak, comb, and waddle, which led me to believe it was a rooster. Its feet looked like any normal rooster's just bulked up. It had no wings and its arms looked just like its legs, only situated in some painful way that looked just plain odd. It had five talons.This was definitely some sort of chicken-like creature. With a cry, it ran into nearby shrubbery."

The next sighting was in 2010, when a resident in Grangeville received a mysterious package. When they opened it, they were surprised to see some strange humanoid chick. They hid it from the general public and refused to let anybody take it. They did release a photo, however, which can be seen at the top of the page.

Chickenman by dav0512rt

Possible ExplanationsEdit

  1. A genetically experimented hybrid that escaped from a laboratory is the most common theory.
  2. Some form of extraterrestrial has been proposed.
  3. An elaborate hoax, as the stuffed specimen looks false.
  4. A living dromaeosaur has been proposed before.