Canadian Monster Rabbit
A rather eccentric artistic interpretation
Eastern canada
Description Carnivorous rabbit
First Sighting 1950
Last Sighting 2017
Country Canada
Habitat Woods, plains, suburban areas

Rabbits are generally regarded as soft, cuddly, and cute. However, the Canadian Monster Rabbit is the exception to that rule. The creatures have terrorized East Canadian communities since 1950, and show no signs of slowing their onslaught.


The Monster Rabbits are described as looking generally like jackrabbits, but are white instead of brown, and are 3-4 feet long. Also, the Monster Rabbits have large, fang-filled mouths, and small horns.


The first sighting surfaced in Janruary of 1950, when Mrs. Edith Stone's Nova Scotian yard was plagued with "rabbits from hell". These beasts would attack her dog, stalk squirrels, and make burrows in her yard. The creatures frightened Edith so much that she considered moving, until, one day in June, the demon rabbits disappeared. Edith suggested they may have migrated south for the summer.

More sightings occured over the next 60 years, with the Monster Rabbits going so far as attacking infants and young children. Sightings diminished during the 80s, but spiked again in 1993. Monster Rabbits are still sighted to this day, with dozens of reports flooding in each year.

Possible ExplanationsEdit

  1. The Monster Rabbits could be a highly unusual form of rabbit
  2. They could also be an example of some other creature, such as badgers or weasels, that evolved to bear a suprficial resemblance to rabbits.