Cactus Humanoid
Cactus humanoid
Description Some sort of mutated cactus humanoid
First Sighting 1998
Last Sighting 1998
Country Sonoran Desert, Arizona, United States
Habitat Desert

The Cactus Humanoid is a cryptid that was only seen once in 1998.


Ronald Holloway was driving on a very rural road in the Sonoran Desert, when he claimed he saw something very strange out of the corner of his eye. "I saw some weird-looking lumpy cactus that was around 16 feet tall!", he said. "I slowed down to look at it better, and that's when it moved! It turned around and looked at me. It had glowing yellow eyes and a wide mouth filled with fangs that kinda looked like cactus thorns. It had 4 arms, one of which he used as a third leg. It had no toes, but had miniature cacti for fingers and had them growing out of its back all over!" That's when he said it started running towards him, using his 4th arm as some sort of way to speed itself up. Ronald sped away in his truck as fast as he could out of sheer fright. "I locked my doors that night, that's for sure!" 

One year later, Ronald Holloway died from radiation poisoning, which was very unusual, because he had never been anywhere near any sort of radiation.

Possible ExplanationsEdit

  1. Many people propose that this was an escaped genetic mutant, especially because of the odd way Mr. Holloway died.
  2. Many people say that the witness was just drunk, and was clearly hallucinating from the alcohol. It was never tested, but Ronald never said he had alcohol.