Basking owl

The Basking owl is a large cryptid that shares features of both barn owls and basking sharks. It was first sighted in 4 billion BC, when Jesus was riding dinosaurs through the aurora borealis when suddenly the basking owl appeared to him, claiming to be his estranged father, God. To prove his claims, the Basking owl created the universe with the help of Seymour Skinner and Trey the explainer. After creating the universe, the Basking owl went on to be a young earth creationist, attempting to debunk evolution, despite the fact he created it. In 2012, the Basking owl finally returned from his holiday, which he had been on since he left the Mayans, and contacted Giorgio A. Tsoukalous and urged him to become a writer for the TV show Bananas in Pyjamas, which was created as a collabaration between Trey the explainer and Jesus Christ. When the Basking owl attempted to get Giorgio Tsoukalous to join the project, Trey the explainer decided to start world war 3 since he didn't like the taste of coffee.

Aliens but aliens
I claim the fire in my kitchen is just the Aurora Borealis