Armored Sea Tiger
Description Turtle/tiger hybrid
First Sighting 1991
Last Sighting 1991
Country California, U.S.A.
Habitat Ocean/Beaches

A strange beast, the Armored Sea Tiger has only been encountered once, on a submarine in the North Pacific ocean.


The Armored sea tiger was sighted by a US patrol submarine named the Misery. The Misery was patrolling the North Pacific ocean, roughly 100 miles off of eastern Canada. While submerging, the sub's sonar went haywire, with something interfering with it. It was determined to be a sound similar to a whale's echolocation, but a different frequency than that of any known whale. The captain of the ship decided to investigate, so the Misery was piloted towards the source of the noise.

As the Misery dived towards the source, the source swam up towards the Misery. As it came into view, the source was revealed to be unlike any animal that has ever existed. The 30 foot-long creature had a shell like a sea turtle, but the back half was covered in spikes. It had for "flippers", but they resembled the legs of a big cat. The beast's head was like that of a tiger. The creature had leathery, blue-grey skin.

The Armored Sea Tiger then slammed into the side of the Misery. The sub shook, and visuals and sonar went offline momentarily. When they came back on, the monster was gone.

Possible Explanations Edit

  1. The Armored Sea Tiger is probably some monstrous form of turtle.
  2. Someone actually suggested a tiger that had grown a tutle's shell and moved into the water; however, this is scientifically implausible.
  3. Possibly an alien creature.