It may have been a Dinosaur, similar to this drawing here.
Description A dinosaur like reptile
First Sighting  ????
Last Sighting 2012
Country Various
Habitat Forests, Swamps, Fields, Suburbs?
The AerioSegnosaurus is a genus of Cryptozoological dinosaur-like animal.

Sightings Edit

  • Cave paintings depict winged Megatherium like reptiles. The earliest cave painting has not been carbon dated.
  • A claw of a dinosaur like animal was found; it was from the Medieval Times.
  • It was first sighted in 2011, where it was seen in a forest. The beast measured 2.4 meters tall, and 4.7 meters long.
  • It was sighted for the last time in 2012, this one measured 5.2 meters tall, and 11.9 meters long.

Explanations Edit

Although no conclusion has been made, four genuses are general suspects of what these cryptids really are.  (from most likely to least):

  • Therizinosaurus
  • Segnosaurus
  • Nothronychus
  • Megatherium

It is most likely a new species, but it could possibly be a "Living Fossil".